Advance Containerised Cargo Loading Notices Pre-Arrival Manifest - SOUTH AFRICA


Advance Containerised Cargo Loading Notices
Pre-Arrival Manifest - SOUTH AFRICA


Dear Customer, 
We refer to previous communications regarding the Customs Authority in South Africa’s full implementation of the Customs Control Act, 2014. The first phase of the Reporting of Conveyances and Goods (“RCG”) under the current Customs and Excise Act, 1964 was implemented on 20 April 2018.  

We wish to inform our customers of the Mandatory Data Elements which must be included in your submitted Shipping Instructions. Any incomplete or missing information may result in the Shipping Instructions being rejected, thereby potentially impacting the timeline for achieving loading pre-requisites.
The Mandatory Data Elements are as follows:
❖ Vessel/Voyage/Booking number
❖ Container Number/s
❖ Cargo Gross Weight
❖ Seal Number
❖ Seal Type
❖ Shipper Name
❖ Shipper Address and contact details
❖ Consignee Name
❖ Consignee Address and contact details
❖ Number of Packages
❖ Type of Packages:
   • Full description required, so no abbreviations especially for package types, i.e. 'cartons' should not read 'ctns' or any abbreviated version of Goods description
  • Full complete and accurate description of cargo Marks and Numbers Commodity Code

1 August 2018 – Penalty for Non-Compliance:
We have been reminded by SARS to ensure compliance in terms of data submission in the correct format before the implementation of Phase 1 of RCG on 20 April 2018. As SARS has to drive electronic submission compliance, it will be obliged to impose penalties for non-compliance as part of its consequence management process. As a result, penalties for non-compliance may be imposed from 1 August 2018.
Shipping instruction Deadlines:
As per our previous advisories, Maersk Line will comply with our obligations to meet these regulatory requirements, which means that advanced containerised cargo loading notices must be transmitted to customs at least 24 hours before the first container is loaded on board the vessel that will transport the cargo to South Africa. This applies to both cargo destined for and to be transhipped via South African ports.

Shipments from Oceania to South Africa are relayed via our hub port in Malaysia. The advanced manifest rules will apply to the vessels departing Malaysia.
We invite you to contact your local Maersk Line Customer Services team or the published email address for SARS Email:, should you have any further queries regading the new customs regulations.

Maersk Line