BMSB UPDATE 35 - suspension of discharge Thalatta (THA)


19th December 2018


Thalatta (THA) (CO842 / OC842 / AG840)

Dear Valued Customer,

MV Thalatta, Voyage CO842, was due to arrive at its first Australian port on 16th December. During routine inspections of discharge operations dead and live bugs were found. These findings were reported to the Australian Government - Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR).

WW Ocean have since worked closely with the DAWR to identify the type of bug. It was subsequently determined that a portion of these were BMSB. Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean has from the outset worked closely with the Australian Authorities and takes is responsibilities to ensure that this pest is not transported to Australia extremely seriously. Part of this responsibility is monitoring and inspection on board the vessel for BMSB. Ensuring compliance is the responsibility of the importer, whilst the presentation of clean cargo at the port of load is, at all times, the responsibility of the shipper.

Wed 19th December


– Following an arrival inspection by the DAWR and subsequent approval for discharge, a live bug (non BMSB) was identified during operations. All operations were ceased, and a further inspection undertaken by the DAWR. When operations recommenced, further instances were reported (some BMSB) and again operations ceased. Operations are currently halted under direction of the DAWR and we are awaiting their further direction.

WW Ocean continues to work closely with DAWR to evaluate the extent of the situation and to establish a treatment and inspection protocol as quickly as possible. Our ambition is to minimise the impact on the voyage, whilst ensuring Australian Biosecurity requirements are not compromised.

We apologise for these delays, but trust that you fully understand our shared responsibility in this matter, and that we must work together to

safeguard Australia’s Biosecurity and comply with DAWRs instructions.

We will keep you updated of any changes and take this opportunity to express our regret for the delayed arrival of your shipments.

For further information regarding this advice, please contact Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean Sales Support

– 1300 885 995.


The Oceania Team

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean