Inspection Fact Sheet with attached list of approved bmsb providors by country

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Who does this notice affect?

Customs brokers, freight forwarders, treatment providers and importers


Inspection Fact Sheets and BMSB updates


Freight and Trade Alliance (FTA) in our regular dialogue with the Department of Agriculture ( the department) have been requesting that more detailed information around the BMSB season and particularly the operational and treatment issues are provided to industry by way of the web site.

We have also had discussions with their inspections team as regards delays that members have been experiencing. To that end we can advise that senior management from the department are currently working with both their bookings and inspection teams to minimise delays in allocating inspections.

That said in some cases we have investigated there have been other factors that may have contributed to these delays. To assist members when booking inspections we provide, from the department, the attached fact sheet (

We have also been advised by members that treatment providers offshore are receiving conflicting information from various sources in Australia. We again provide the below links to the published treatment procedures and consignment suitability fact sheets for sharing with your overseas agents and offshore treatment providers.

 Guidance for conducting BMSB Treatments

Members should also refer to our news campaign on August 27 "BMSB - how to access the latest updates"  that explained how to access these updates and links to appropriate areas of interest.

John Park - FTA