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NNF 2016/158 Asbestos Fact Sheet DIBP/ABF

Further to our ongoing and extensive representation with the Australian Border Force (ABF) and most recent NNF 2016/141 where we advised of our continued request for a Fact Sheet, the ABF distributed same last Friday.

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Managing the risk of asbestos at the border factsheet

The much anticipated Fact Sheet is now available !

Titled "Managing the risk of asbestos at the border", the Fact Sheet outliines detail on domestic and international testing and advice on how importers can do their due diligence to ensure the goods:g :

·What type of asbestos is prohibited

·Australian border controls

·Ensuring the goods do not contain asbestos

·Due Diligence

·Testing for asbestos

·If asbestos or ACM is detected at the border


·Further information


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