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GSS Update #4- GS Agencies close their doors

GSS Update #4 - GSA closes it's doors

FTA has now received confirmation directly from the senior management of GS Agencies (GSA), the Australian agent of GSS, that they will be closing their doors. We understand that the shipping line entity, GSS, is still an operating entity at the time of writing.


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China Free Trade Agreement

Guidance on minor errors or discrepancies on Certificates of Origin obtained for pusposes of the China - Australia Free Trade Agreement.

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Brisbane Storms - Operational Issues

Following yesterday’s severe Brisbane storms, we have received advice on operational issues at Hutchison, DP World and Patrick -  further updates to be given to transport operators during the day via 1-Stop updates. Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) will also provide further updates via our web site at

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NNF 2016/170 Removal of the de minimis level

Removal of the de minimis level

The following information has been provided by the Australian Government Treasury and is forwarded for your attention.

“The Government has released exposure draft legislation and associated explanatory material that would amend the goods and services tax (GST) law to give effect to the 2016-17 Budget decision to apply GST to low value goods imported by consumers.

From 1 July 2017, the law will require overseas vendors, electronic distribution platforms and goods forwarders to account for GST on sales of low value goods to consumers in Australia if they have GST turnover of $75,000 or more.

The intention is that low value goods imported by consumers in Australia will face equivalent GST treatment to goods that are sourced domestically.”


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NNF 2016/166 Accredited Laboratories in China for Asbestos Testing

Further to a presentation by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) at the recent CBFCA National Conference and our ongoing dialogue with NATA we can communicate to members the latest, up to date information regarding accredited laboratories in China.

As a direct result of our advocacy on this issue and NATA's continued liaison with the China National Accreditation Service (CNAS), NATA has confirmed that CNAS has provided an accreditation number for one laboratory accredited against AS 4964 in China.

Details as follows;

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