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NNF 2017/211 Update on Storage Declaration for wooden manufactured articles

Further to NNF 2017/174 Clarification on Storage Declaration for wooden manufactured articles, members have experienced ongoing confusion as to the need to present a storage declaration for FCL consignments treated in a container.

To address this issue the CBFCA has been in contact with the Plant Import Operations and Assessment Services Group at the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and we agreed to update the Timber and timber products BICON case to clarify the departments position by including the following Warnings and Information Notice to facilitate clearance.

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Asbestos Importation Services

Following our recent conversation on the 16th August and as requested, please find attached information on our Asbestos Importation Services.

360 Environmental has been granted exemption by the Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash to import asbestos samples for the purpose of analysis. Accordingly if any of your importers are concerned to the potential for breaching the asbestos prohibited Imports regulations please feel free to pass on our details.

In the meantime if you experience any prohibited import asbestos situations in Australia, especially involving the Australian Border Force please feel to contact as we have specialists available to assist.

Since 31 December 2003, Australia has banned the importation, manufacture and use of asbestos and asbestos

containing materials. In Australia, the importation of asbestos containing materials is prohibited under

Regulation 4C of the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956





It is the responsibility of importers to ensure they do not import or export prohibited goods and materials

containing asbestos.


Despite Prohibited Import Regulations, there

are still frequent situations where asbestos

containing material are imported into Australia

Quality Control standards and integrity of the

material or equipment can change with time,

especially when sourced from suppliers in

developing countries

The definition of what is ‘asbestos free’ in one

country is



not the same as ‘asbestos free’ in


Quality Assurance processes and asbestos free

certification by overseas manufacturers cannot

always be relied upon


We have a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations of the Department of Immigration and

Border Protection concerning asbestos assurance programs.

The following services can be provided for the

purposes of importation products into Australia:

Testing for asbestos content prior or post

shipping the goods to Australia

Initial Site Audits during fabrication

Asbestos Awareness Sessions at Project Start

Up and Material Procurement

Regular Risk Assessments and Quality Assurance

processes will that take into account:

Identifying asbestos-risk activities from


The raw materials used in fabrication

Source of the raw materials


Kindest Regards



Paul Birch

Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Consultant

360 Environmental Pty Ltd

a 10 Bermondsey Street West Leederville 6007

PO Box 14 West Perth WA 6872

t (+618) 9388 8360 f (+618) 9381 2360





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Productivity Commision Inquiry - Collection Models for GST on Low Value Imported Goods

Productivity Commission Inquiry- Collection Models for GST on Low Value Imported Goods

As the result of the legislation passed by Government that GST would be collected on low value imported goods effective from 1 July 2018 the Treasurer directed the Productivity Commission (the Commission) to undertake an Inquiry into collection models for GST on Low Value imported goods. In July 2017 the commission released its discussion paper in relation to the inquiry. The CBFCA has been involved in all of the inquiries and discussions that have taken place in relation to high volume low value goods and fiscal issues since 1998. In December 2005 after the introduction of the $1000 threshold the CBFCA commented to the then Australian Customs Service inter alia:

“The CBFCA perceives there will be variances in buying patterns and business arrangements as the threshold becomes more widely known with business and consumers. This will also affect cost recovery arrangements across other regulatory agencies and may require a different approach to cost recovery over and above the existing arrangements in all agency as it is apparent cross subsidisation will continue to expand. To this end it would be appropriate to review the manner, form and quantum of the cost recovery arrangements for the SAC to be reviewed towards the end of 2005/2006 financial year."

Suffice to say even with CBFCA follow up there was no review.



Megan White

Regional Manager NSW/QLD/NT


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QUBE - International Terminal Fee - Update

QUBE - International Terminal Fee

Members have recently advised us of correspondence from QUBE Logistics (QL) of a new charge to be levied effective October 9, 2017.

As we are all aware any increases put increasing pressure on industry to manage the administration of same as well as increasing costs to the importer.

Following emails from members seeking clarity and expressing their concern our CEO, Paul Damkjaer, wrote to QUBE Logistics seeking further details and their responses are noted below.

QUBE have also extended an invitation to meet face to face with Paul and this will happen in the coming weeks – if available further information will be provided at that time.

 Questions and Responses from QUBE are shown below : (a copy of the initial letter from QUBE is also below)


John Park
Regional Manager WA


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International Terminal Fee - Qube Logistics


International Terminal Fee - Qube Logistics 



Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) have made initial contact with Qube Logistics in context of their recent customer notice introducing an “International Terminal Fee” effective 9 October 2017.

Qube Logistics have committed to a follow up meeting to address the FTA / APSA concerns in relation to the stated cost recovery model – we will keep members up to date on developments.

Paul Zalai – FTA / APSA

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