NNF 2018/310 - New AEP entry charge

NNF 2018/310 - New AEP entry charge

We received a number of queries from members, as they notices a new charge of $18 per Automatic Entry Processing (AEP) entry.

As referenced in the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Import Industry Advice Notice 117-2018 - Change to Biosecurity Approved Arrangement Charges, the department informed industry of the changes to the Approved Arrangements charges.

The new $18 per AEP entry charge commenced on 12 October 2018 and is applied to AEP entries, despite CBFCA and other key industry stakeholders objections during the fee review process, however the final department position is for all approved arrangement participants to contribute to the cost of providing the approved arrangements system.

On a positive note the CBFCA as a member of the department's Import Industry Finance Consultative Committee, was influential during the review process which resulted in a reduction of annual registration charge from $2900 to $500 to support small businesses that operate a single approved arrangement. The new approved arrangements annual charges apply for the 2018-19 financial year. Annual billing is expected to be issued by end of this month.

Further, we have written to Cost Recovery and requested they update the Charging Guidelines 2017 to include the new AEP charge and charging scenarios.

Biosecurity industry participants or stakeholders requiring further information are encouraged to contact the department at Cost Recovery.