NNF 2019/104 - Information on Proposed 2019-20 BMSB seasonal measures

Information on Proposed 2019-20 BMSB seasonal measures

 As referenced in NNF 2019/087, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources hosted a series of industry information sessions and a Webinar for the proposed 2019-20 BMSB seasonal measures.

The sessions provided industry with the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions about the proposed measures.

We wish to inform you the Department has now created a new webpage Proposed 2019-20 Seasonal measures for Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), where you can find more information, including links to the recorded Webinar, presentation and fact sheet.

Any questions relating to the policy for seasonal pests can be emailed to spp@agriculture.gov.au

As referenced in NNF 2019/101, the Department is further consulting with industry on the below proposed measures.

  • Proposed measures for LCL and FAK containers for the 2019/2020 BMSB Season
  • Safeguarding Arrangements Policy for the 2019/2020 BMSM Season

We participated in the Sydney and Melbourne workshops to further discuss the proposed measures.

The Department noted the industry concerns, and is now working hard to finalise the policy by end of May 2019 to provide industry with adequate time to prepare for next season.

The final policy will be communicated by the Department via an import industry advice notice.

We will keep you informed of any further developments as the BMSB seasonal measures will continue to challenge the biosecurity system and industry.

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