NNF 2019/132 - China Treatment Provider Certificates

NNF 2019/132 - China Treatment Provider Certificates

China Treatment Provider Certificates


We received feedback from members that some regions in China are providing fumigation certificates issued, other than General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC).

We made the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources aware of this issue and received the following advice back.

We have received word back from our counsellor in China. His team have been in contact with GACC and have advised that there have been no official changes in current requirements for the issuing of treatment certificates from GACC. 

The department continues to recognise GACC as the issuing body for fumigation certificates from China.

Should your members continue to experience issues obtaining GACC fumigation certificates, they should not accept treatment provider issued certificates and should either refer the declaration to the department for assessment or use relevant NCCC / AEPCOMM codes to generate a direction for onshore inspection or treatment of the goods. 

Details of the GACC changes were communicated to industry in IIAN 97/2018 - Changes to Chinese Competent Authority issuing certificates and the security features