Stink Bugs fromThe USA

Management of seasonal risk of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs from the USA

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CHAFTA: The Rough Guide for Importers & Brokers

CHAFTA was signed on 17 June 2015 and the text of the agreement has been made public. However, it is unknown at this time as to when this key FTA will commence. It is necessary for CHAFTA to pass domestic ratification procedures in Australia and China and we estimate it to commence operating in late 2015.

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China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb and Chinese Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng signed the FTA in Canberra on 17 June 2015. Further details on the processes can be found on the Implementation Processes and Timeline Factsheet

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Australia/China Fair Trade Agreement

Australia/China fair trade agreement update

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Border Fees, Charges & Taxes

Joint Review of Border Fees, Charges & Taxes.

Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) has received correspondence this evening from the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service (ACBPS) in relation the finalisation of the Australian Government's Joint Review of Border Fees, Charges & Taxes

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Illegal Logging Laws E-Update #7 March 2015

The Department of Agriculture is pleased to bring you the seventh Illegal Logging Laws E-Update.

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